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Why Do Kaftans Make the Ideal Dress for Beach Weddings?

If you’re searching the web for dress ideas for the perfect beach wedding, your search ends here.

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Beach weddings call for the perfect breezy dresses that are vibrant and flowy. So, kaftans are a great addition to your wardrobe when planning a beach wedding look this summer.

Kaftan dresses probably transport you to a desert or summer vacation where you enjoy with your girlfriends by the pool in a resort. Because of their silhouette, these fabulous dresses have become a staple to beach days. While traditional dresses do not fit a beach wedding picture, kaftans are ideal alternatives.

What Makes Kaftan a Beach Wedding Dress?

The first rule for a wedding is to never dress like the bride. So, white floor-length gowns are a big no. And who wears floor-length gowns to a beach wedding?

Indeed, we talk about dressing up for the occasion, but with sand under your feet and salt in your hair, you can do better than gowns and dresses. Trust us, wearing a kaftan at a beach wedding can make you stand out.

Here are a few reasons why kaftans are the ideal beach wedding dresses.

1.  The Perfect Fabric

No matter how comfortable you think, the polyester midi dress can make you sweat when you are in the sun.

Kaftans come in different fabrics, including cotton, silk, linen, chambray, and rayon. Since these are natural fibres, they are ideal for summer. They do not stick to the body, are breathable, keep you cool, and are lightweight.

Pack a variety of linen and silk kaftans for both daytime and evening programs. These dresses add the perfect elegance while keeping you cool.

2.  Pair With Accessories

It depends on our dress print and style on how you should accessorize a kaftan. The right accessories can level up your game.

Are you looking for a bohemian look? Then go for chunky silver jewellry. Layer as much as you want. Add a statement headpiece. If you are wearing a bold print, avoid too many accessories. It can make you look over the top.

If you want to keep it simple, wear a floral tiara and basic accessories. You can also wear a Panama hat to ace the beach look.

3.  Kaftans Come in Different Styles and Lengths

If you are still wondering if kaftans are the right choice for a wedding, we are sure this point will convince you. We have seen many celebrities rocking their beach look with one-shouldered kaftans, short kaftans, low-back ones, and classic flowy floor-length ones.

Choose your preferred style and print to rock the most comfortable wedding look. If you are confused about the style, our advice is to go with the flowy maxi kaftans.

4.  Pair with the Right Shoes

Wedges go well with flowy kaftans. If you want to avoid heels, then go for flats or sandals. Choose beach flats or embellished sandals. Avoid stilettos since they dig into the sand and are highly uncomfortable.

Invest in Good Kaftans This Summer

If you follow our tips, be confident to make heads turn when you walk around in a flowy kaftan at the wedding. Many would draw inspiration from you.

Because kaftans are breezy and come in vibrant prints, they make the best beach or summer wedding dress. From floral patterns to abstract ones, the options are endless. They are not formal, yet elegant and modest.

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