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What is in My Cat’s Mind?

Any cat owner will tell you they are still figuring out why gazing at a moving fish in the bowl or traffic on the road is so attractive for their furball. The cat’s mind can be as complex as the human’s mind. Probably someday, we will understand what the world looks like and how it functions from a cat’s perspective.

Until we arrive at that day, we can only make conclusions based on important clues a cat leaves through its actions and interactions. One thing is certain, however, as a cat owner you must provide enough physical and mental stimulation opportunities to enhance your feline pet’s health and quality of life. Offering basic needs of life must take precedence over other things.

This is why you should not compromise on supporting your cat with nutritious food, fresh water, shelter, and health care. Consider purchasing pet health insurance, so your cat’s medical test and treatment costs are covered during unanticipated health issues and emergencies. With pet insurance for cats, managing hefty bills can be a lot easier than without it during distressing times of health.

Consider being financially prepared so providing medical help doesn’t take a toll on your savings. You can focus on what’s in your cat’s mind when you have the luxury of leisure. Meanwhile, read this article to learn a few essential things about how a cat thinks.

What does a cat think?

Cats obviously have a brain, and their thinking happens there. However, their emotions function in a unique way.

For instance, consider the “Loyalty” virtue. Dogs are loyal, and cats are loyal too. Do you know why your cat hates traveling or going on a long drive with you in the car? Maybe you think your cat has no taste for these activities, but there could be another reason. Probably, your furball has a fixation (loyalty) for its home and people and isn’t feeling good about leaving the safe, cozy, loved, and familiar place. However, humans can conveniently misinterpret this situation as “Kitty doesn’t like it!”.

Cats can hold grudges or be angry with people and pets for hurting them or not respecting boundaries. When you don’t allow your furball to decide on essential matters related to them, it might give you the cold shoulder and move away or challenge you. Humans easily give this behavior the name “Aggression”.

Most cats live life with no regrets. When your kitty does something that isn’t expected from them, don’t punish it because, from your cat’s point of view, it did the right thing in a given situation. So, teach your cat what is “Acceptable” and what is not.

Cats take turns when there are multiple shareable resources in the environment. However, they can become “Competitive” and “Jealous” when there is a scarcity. It is worth noting that your time, affection, love, and care is also an important resource in your cat’s mind. So, if you have many pets, devote more or less equal time to every cat at home. Rather than calling names to take turns with equipment, toys and feed times, let every cat have access to a dedicated resource.

When cats are bored, hungry, stressed, dirty, or deprived of attention, they show signs of despair, which humans declare as a state of “Anxiety” or “Depression”. Work on your cat’s needs instead of labeling it with a medical condition whenever possible.

Well, this is what a cat thinks and how humans think about what a cat thinks regarding a few important matters.

Cats can be happy when they are well fed, physically and mentally engaged, played with, groomed, given attention, and have no distractions. However, to ensure good health, you must focus on your cat’s dietary needs, weight goals, lifestyle, grooming routine, vaccinations, and wellness checkups.

Also, consider being prepared with pet health insurance so handling unexpected health scenarios is comparatively easy and less financially taxing. Pet insurance for cats covers your furball’s medical care during accidents, injuries, illnesses, dental, and more, depending on the level of cover chosen. So, why wait? Contemplate signing up for a pet plan that ideally suits your furball’s health.