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The Pros And Cons Of Keyed Alike Padlocks

Many times having many keys for different areas of your home is a bit tiring, and sometimes it makes us wonder, can’t we use the same key for many locks? And yes, this is possible, but first you should evaluate with a trusted locksmith if it is the best for your case, or if you really feel able to handle that level of commitment. Don’t know the pros and cons? Let’s get started! 

Advantages of keyed alike padlocks


As we mentioned before, sometimes it is not always comfortable to have to carry a lot of keys in our pockets, especially when we have a very large house and many locks around, so having a master key that solves all our problems would perhaps take away many neck aches caused by looking down to spend 5 minutes choosing the right one. 

In several residential buildings this method is used to be able to intervene in case something has happened to a resident of the place, usually the concierges have them, if this technique works for them, why couldn’t it work for you in your own home? 


You only have to make one key copy to have access to your entire home or specifically to the locks you coded, there is no excessive major expense and you don’t have to do much work, with just one key you can have the ability to get into places more quickly.  The important thing about this process is to always have a specialized person to avoid problems that could cause a failure in the security of your home.

Disadvantages of the padlocks with the same key

Access Control

The problem with the master key method is that you cannot give your key to an outside person without them having full access to your home. For example, if you need a person during your trip to just come in and water the plants, they can enter your bedroom, living room, kitchen, anywhere. 


Sometimes it is not so much fun to have several locks that open with one key if you live in a dangerous area of your country. For it can be easily breached or changed if a criminal finds a viable way in, and by all having the same method it won’t be too hard to make messes in your home. 

If you are building a secure area, you may need different locks to suit specific locks and locations. Some areas require more security than others, so it may not be worth buying five locks if the most expensive one is justified in one case.

But this all depends on your needs. It is best to hire a professional who can tell you what the benefits are in your case and if it is really viable for you.