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Questions to ask your replacement windows contractor

Like many aspects of home renovation, window replacement is something that you don’t think of until it gets really urgent, like a broken window pane or rising high utility bills. And when it does, you are overwhelmed by the number of designs and features. This is why it is important to look for a reliable Calgary windows installation company you can rely on to get the right advice.

To find a reputable Calgary windows installation company, here is a list of essential questions to ask.

Are you insured?

Window replacement companies should own full-fledged workers’ compensation and liability insurance to safeguard your house against threats and accidents. You should check their certificates of insurance for both.

A contractor who practices the right safety norms and carries insurance has to pay more overhead costs. Always stay alert of uninsured contractors. Imagine working with an uninsured contractor; if an employee injury occurs, you, as a homeowner, will be liable to bear the expenses.

Can you share the operation of your product?

Though many people initially think all windows operate the same, after research, they realize the windows and doors may operate differently depending on their features and styles. It is important to consider safety, ventilation, cleaning, and climate control.

For example, if you choose a tilt-and-turn window, cleaning the glass becomes simple. Or if you choose casement windows, you will get higher security because of their innovative locking system. Low-E and energy-efficient windows enhance your home’s climate control and reduce utility costs.

Also, different windows may have different installation styles. Full-frame replacement comes with mold to serve as an appealing border.

What does your quote include?

  • Do you charge for the estimate, or is it available for free? Some companies charge for the estimate.
  • Does your installation cost include exterior and interior trim?
  • When do you want the payment and how?
  • Do I have to pay any hidden charges?

Asking these questions will help you get a fair quote.

What is your experience in this industry?

To get professionals working for you, it is important to ask about their years of experience in this field. Also, find out about their past projects. You can request a number of their past clients and get their reviews. Assessing the old work of a contractor will help you see their work quality and expertise more closely.

Can you share references from past clients?

A reputable window replacement company will have its reviews online. Ensure the reviews are reliable. A few bad ratings are okay, but they shouldn’t be so bad that you cannot work with them.

What warranty would you give?

Ensure you enquire about the specifics of the warranty. If the window replacement contractor is reliable, they will share the warranty coverage duration and everything the warranty covers.

How long will it take to replace the windows?

It is essential to find out the time the company will take to replace the windows. They will give an estimate and work with utmost dedication.

Ask the questions above to ensure you hire a reliable and reputable Calgary windows installation company.