Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Popular Logo Animation Trends

The variety and ingenuity of motion graphics are unmatched, ranging from small in-app animations to whole advertising videos. And it should come as no surprise that trends in logo animation are continuously changing and evolving as this is a creative field that is closely related to technological advancement.

Logo design trends vary by industry, so it’s worthwhile to know what your industry is already doing before you get started. If you are not quite sure what you are designing, then try to do a research on typical shape, color, letterform, and any special symbols that your company might use.

And if you decide to make your own logo, think about designing a cohesive, abstract style that’s adapted for your website and mobile app. Check out our list below to learn more about the most popular logo animation trends.

Rotating logo animation

One of the most recent trends in design is the popularity of rotating logos. These designs are a departure from the static, neutral design that has become prevalent, and instead show attention to the subtle movements in the logo.

Morphing Logo animation

Morphing logos are still the most common trend in motion graphics. As the name says, this trend refers to a particular effect that seamlessly blends elements together. The result is seamless, efficient, and totally amazing.

Hand Drawn effect

A brand can establish a connection with its audience by using a hand-drawn logo, which is known for giving off a more human-like and personal vibe. A lot of designers are using animation into their hand-drawn logos to create some quite pleasing designs.

Expanding Logo

When creating a logo, it’s important to consider how it will seem in both a crowded, cramped area and an area with lots of empty space. Animation gives you the freedom to expand or shrink your logo to any scale or dimension.

Liquid motion

Using this method, motions are produced that have the consistency and quality of water. These animations have a modern feel while still evoking 60s psychedelic art, ebbing and flowing from ripples to waves. This trend mimics flowing liquid when used with wavy lettering.

3D effects

For a long time now, 3D effects have satisfied the need of eyes that crave dimensions. We can’t wait for  3D logo animation to become more commonplace.

Blurring logos

Readability is a quite important criteria when it comes to logo creation. However, nowadays designers experiment with blur effects to highlight fluidity and movement rather than concentrating purely on readability in 2022, that will be of much lower priority.

White space

Negative space, commonly referred to as white space in your logo, is typically left empty. That empty space can do a variety of tasks, including setting the main point of your logo’s design as well as balancing it to prevent it from being cluttered. In the next few years you’ll see more logo designers utilizing white space in a manner you may not have seen before: considering it as a blank canvas to be filled in many ways based on where and how the logo is being utilized.


Animated logos delight and engage consumers, making them suitable in a time when attention spans are short. It’s crucial to create a logo that tells the story of your company, whether the animation is subtle or overt. First and foremost, make it brief!

Diversity and creativity are important to attracting diverse customers, and it’s rare that one design can fit all situations. So ensure that you don’t include too many colors, shapes or images in the same design, or the customer will be distracted.