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Pepperstone Spread and Fees Explained 

It’s safe to state that Pepperstone generally charges little costs. For services that other brokers charge a brokerage fee for, Pepperstone doesn’t charge one at all or charge a minimal price. It means that you can still use Pepperstone if you trade frequently, such as several times each week or every day without wasting money. 

Pepperstone trading fees

Trading fees are brokerage charges you incur when you make a trade. Either a commission, a spread, or a financing rate is what you pay. Some brokers use them all. The features of trading fees:

  •         Commission can depend on the volume of transactions. 
  •       Pepperstone spread is the difference between the buy price and the sell price.
  •         When you retain your leveraged positions for more than one day, you are charged the financing rate or overnight rate. 

So, even if you frequently trade, Pepperstone is still a good option for you because of its inexpensive trading fees.

Pepperstone non-trading fees

Non-trading Pepperstone fees are a result of actions you do in your account, such as adding money to it, taking money out of it, or ceasing to trade for a lengthy period of time. The features of non-trading fees:

  •         Pepperstone won’t charge you a lot for withdrawal fees or other non-trading related activity on your trading account.
  •         Non-trading costs at Pepperstone include a variety of brokerage fees and charges that you pay that have nothing to do with buying and selling assets. 
  •         Withdrawal costs, deposit fees, inactivity fees, and account fees are a few examples of regular non-trading fees.

Pepperstone is an inexpensive broker in terms of non-trading fees. In other words, non-trade related expenses on your trading account won’t cost you anything.

Inactivity fee at Pepperstone

Because Pepperstone does not charge an inactivity fee, your account will not be debited even if you refrain from trading for a longer length of time (months or years). After 60 days, trading accounts with no balance will be archived; however, you can reactivate them at any time. 

Pepperstone deposit fees

When you transfer funds from your bank account to your trading account, deposit fees are charged. Pepperstone is not an exception to the rule; you will see the exact same amount on your brokerage account that you sent using any of the deposit options Pepperstone provides. And you need to know that brokers don’t charge fees for that.

Pepperstone withdrawal fee

Although there are no internal costs assessed by the business for either deposits or withdrawals, the client is still liable for any external transfer fees that may arise.

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