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Modern Wardrobe Designs To Must Consider

Wardrobes have become a personal space altogether. Earlier, cupboards or almirahs only did the job of storing clothes. Wardrobes have come a long way with their design, usage, functionality, and affordability. Since it captures the large part of the bedroom, having a wardrobe that suffices the functionality with its style is imperative. Thus, here are modern wardrobe designs that are a must to consider while constructing or revamping your bedroom if you are one who doesn’t like cliché but loves a modern finished appearance.

Build-in wardrobe with drawers:

If you live in an apartment or a flat where space is limited, a built-in wardrobe with drawers is the right choice. It does not just help in utilizing the space to the maximum, it also helps to hide the pillars helping the wardrobe cover the entire depth and height. Therefore, constructing the wardrobe between the pillars will help align the whole room to look beautiful and space-efficient. Also, the multiple drawers help to keep the space organized and decluttered.

Wardrobe with mirrors:

If the bedroom space is limited to the extent that you cannot build a dressing table separately, the best wardrobe is the one with a mirror attached to the door itself. These days the modern wardrobe comes with a whole wardrobe door panel in a mirror design. Thus, this also helps to make the space look larger with mirror reflection, making the compact bedroom look bigger to the eyes.

Sliding wardrobe:

One of the most trendy and latest modern wardrobe designs is the sliding wardrobe. With numerous designs in wardrobe panels, it replaces the ordinary cupboard door with a sliding panel that opens and closes in both directions. It suits the tiny bedroom as well as the large one, making the area look spacious. Also, with enormous variety in design and material, it gives room to experiment with the front look of the panel, giving a unique appearance to the whole bedroom.

Corner wardrobe:

While majorly neglected, bedroom corners can prove to be precious as you can create a corner wardrobe to fix style and storage in limited space. From freestanding units to sloping wardrobes, corner two-way wardrobes, ceiling-to-floor corner cupboards, and many more designs are available to take inspiration and utilize the corner to create your master bedroom look extremely special and unique.

Multi-functional wardrobe:

If you love a modern-looking house and you have a huge wall in your bedroom to be utilized fully, a multi-functional wardrobe design is the best decision to not waste the wall and create an impacting wardrobe. This is a perfect design to move away from the traditional wardrobe design, where you build the TV unit, safety storage unit, drawers, hanging unit, etc in the large wardrobe itself all in one place. While multiple people keep such a wardrobe design open, you can also cover it with a sliding panel or doors.

Glass wardrobe:

You don’t prefer too much wood in the bedroom? Then you should surely choose a glass wardrobe that gives a fresh appeal to the bedroom. With a glass wardrobe, one can have a view of the inside of the wardrobe just as a showcase in the bedroom.

A quick tip as a game changer for your wardrobe design is to fix a LED light inside the wardrobe. This not just brightens your closet, it makes it extremely convenient to navigate through the items.

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