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Making a Living From Documentary Photography

If you love to capture stories and document communities, you may want to consider making a living through documentary photography. This type of photography is often commissioned by big streaming platforms, such as HBO and Netflix. While it is hard to make a living from documentary photography, there are several options for generating revenue. Read on to learn more about making a living through documentary photography. Here are some tips to help you get started.

First, select a popular subject. Try shooting that subject for ten years, then apply for grants and give exhibitions. Once you’ve gathered enough money, you can try to sell your work through publications and exhibitions. You can also move into commercial photography, if you wish to earn a larger income. If you aren’t comfortable shooting in a documentary style, you can switch to commercial photography.

Documentary photographers often work with a greater degree of freedom. They can focus on what they really care about rather than rushing to cover an event. A personal photo documentary will be more interesting than a project you’re assigned to photograph. It shows that the photographer is passionate about the subject. Once you understand the difference between personal and commercial photography, you’ll be well on your way to a successful career as a documentary photographer.

Getting paid for your photos is important, but you can’t depend on these alone. In addition to paying for the right gear, you can also work offline or even in your own neighborhood. By showcasing your work online, you can gain exposure to a wider audience and earn more money. You can even become a full-time photojournalist by creating content for other publications. However, be warned that the paid work can get tiresome if you’re not passionate about telling real stories.

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