Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Jamendo Review

Jamendo is a Luxembourg-based music website that aims to promote independent artists and music lovers. It is a subsidiary of AudioValley and has been an Independent Management Entity (IME) since 2019. Jamendo is one of the fastest-growing music websites in the world. It has more than a hundred million visitors per month and offers a variety of genres, including electronic music, hip-hop, and world music tutflix.

The site is free to use, and users can write reviews, share music, and connect with other users. They can sign up with their Facebook account, an email address, or a username and password. Jamendo is available to music lovers in nearly every country and language. The jamendo music website has an English, French, German, and Spanish version. But Jamendo hopes to add a Swedish and Czech version soon ttactics.

The Jamendo music licensing platform provides independent artists with the chance to be heard by a worldwide audience. The platform’s music library contains 240,000 rights-free titles and radio broadcasting licences. The company has recently welcomed Theo Short as Head of Product, who brings with him experience in product management and user experience. He previously worked at Virgin Media

The music catalog at Jamendo is the largest under Creative Commons licenses and is completely free to download uateka. The platform also provides artists with an easy and efficient way to market their music through revenue sharing and licensing options lopgold.