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How to Get a Static IP Address?

Having trouble finding out how to get static IP for your business or startup?  In this article, we will outline a few easy ways to get a static IP address.

Every computer or device on a network has an Internet Protocol (IP) address, whether it is connected to your home Wi-Fi or the global internet.  It’s only a number that indicates to other computers how to get in touch with it.

Most publicly accessible Internet service providers (ISPs) offer internet connections using dynamic IP. Consequently, a new IP is generated each time you connect to the internet. This is called a “dynamic IP address.”

What is a Static IP?

A Static IP is one of the IP address that means whenever you connect to the internet, your IP address will remain the same. Looking for affordable cheap dedicated server usa at low cost hosting plans provider in united states.

The most of broadband connections have a dynamic IP address, which can change and is not always assigned. However, the broadband connection is always associated with a static IP address.

The difference between a dynamic and static IP address is usually irrelevant to home users. A static IP address, however, might be preferred or required for some users, particularly businesses.

How to Get a static IP – Easy Step

If you really want a static IP address, the two ways you can get an IP address are by contacting your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) customer service department and requesting a static IP address from them. Every internet service provider (ISP) charges an additional fee. 

And the second is through your web hosting provider. Many web hosting providers offer free dedicated IP addresses with hosting accounts. It is designed for best Indian dedicated server to host website in cheapest cost that are fully managed.

I recommend you to choose DomainRacer web hosting. DomainRacer is one of the most well-known web hosting providers in the market.  If you buy DomainRacer or DedicatedCore dedicated server plan, you will get 1 dedicated IP address with your hosting account.

You can also upgrade your server by adding control panel like cPanel, Plesk, and other software, as well as additional IP addresses. To safeguard the information hosted on low price vps hosting with cpanel server support free included jetbackup process.

Follow the below step to order a Dedicated IP Address from DomainRacer and activate it.

Step 1: Go to DomainRacer’s dedicated server official page. Three ways exist to get to the product detail page:

  • Direct access through the client panel of DomainRacer by selecting the service button.
  • Scroll down and select active services to access the product detail page.
  • To access the product detail page from LHS, select My services under Services.

Step 2: You can order a Dedicated IP after accessing the DomainRacer product detail page from Addon and Extras. Click on “purchase and activate” after selecting the Dedicated IP option.

Step 3: Select Checkout, enter your information, and select Complete Order. A dedicated IP address will be delivered 24 to 48 hours after your dedicated IP order.

Contact their support team if you require specific assistance with your account. The DomainRacer Support Team is accessible to you around-the-clock via phone, live chat, ticket system, WhatsApp, and mail.

These simple procedures will help you obtain a static IP address.

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Static IP Address Benefits

A static IP address can be set up for any device that uses an IP address. This includes routers, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and smartphones.

You can do this by using the device or by directly entering the IP address into the device.

Static IP Addresses have a Number of Advantages.

  • To grant only you access to the online application, you can whitelist your IP address in the firewall.
  • A static IP address can be given to a work from home employee to give them a unique IP address.
  • Compared to a dynamic IP address, a static IP can help you access DNS more quickly.
  • You can access your device remotely using port forwarding if you use a static IP address.


An IP address that is given to an internet connection permanently is known as a static IP. Dynamic IP addresses are used by most home broadband services. 

On most web hosting accounts, the IP address that comes with your account will be a dedicated IP address. This IP address will be used by any website that does not share the server environment.

Static IP addresses are provided by some providers without charge while others may. DomainRacer is the most cost-effective and reliable Linux dedicated server in India. They provide free dedicated IP address with their hosting account.

Please get in touch with us or post a comment below if you have any queries on how to find your static IP address.