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How to Create Stories on Instagram

Stories on Instagram are a great way to engage with a modern audience. These posts can be videos or photos and are disappearing within 24 hours. They’re quick to post and are made fun by their vertical format. Once your story has been posted, a colorful ring appears around your profile photo telling your followers to tap it to add your story to their home screen. Here’s how to create stories on Instagram. Read on to learn more.

Stories are a great way to share photos, videos, and experiences with followers. They’re also easy to create and can be shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The only requirement is an Instagram account. Then, all you need to do is type your caption and choose the font and format. Once you’ve finished typing your caption, you’re ready to upload your Story. Once it’s uploaded, you can use filters and tags to personalize your stories and share them with your followers.

While Instagram stories have the potential to appeal to a wide range of audiences, they’re particularly well suited for millennials. In fact, one-third of daily Instagram users will confirm their interest in a product or service via an IG story. In addition, stories have been found to increase engagement by up to 10 times. For maximum engagement, you should aim to post as many stories as possible within one day. Remember to post your stories at different times of the day. It is best to post them when you’re most active, and the more often you post the better. is one of the best website where you find out latest news also click here for more information. You can visit here to know more and if you want to get various types of news then check out this site

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