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How to Be an Extra on Game of Thrones

If you’ve ever wanted to be in the hit HBO show, you can find out just how it’s done by becoming an extra on the popular series. Some people have been able to get on the show as extras and have received more money as a result. If you’ve always wanted to get on the show, you’re about to discover just how much more fun being an extra can be than you ever imagined. Spain Saint Michael Market Attraction in Madrid Spain.

In the early days, the roles were filled by professional actors. Many extras had to audition for them, but today the job has become so coveted that many people have even had tattoos commemorating their roles on the show. Halligan recommends long hair and looking out for casting calls online and in local newspapers. You can even apply through social media if the job is advertised regularly. Aside from being able to make $100 a day, extras on the hit HBO show have the unique opportunity to become part of the cast.

Despite the hype surrounding the HBO documentary The Last Watch, many fans are still curious about how much Game of Thrones extras get paid. Andrew McClay, a former extra who plays a major role in the show, has been an internet sensation. While details of Game of Thrones extras’ salaries are scarce, older reports indicate they get good money. So, why not give it a try?

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