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How is the Australian Education System?

As a student in the Australian education system, you have probably wondered, How is the school system like in Australia? The answer varies according to region. In general, public schools serve families in their neighbourhood, but the supply of educational facilities is changing and more kids are choosing independent schools instead. While private schools have traditionally been the only choice for those wishing to earn a university degree, changing policies have made schooling more accessible to all. You can attend a state-run school for free if you have the means.

In Australia, universities have varying admissions criteria. In general, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree to enter professional programs, such as nursing, or to work in academic or research-based roles. You can also earn postgraduate degrees, which can be a study-based Master’s degree, or a Doctorate degree, which is the highest academic rank. The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) oversees the quality of Australian universities and provides quality assurance for these institutions.

In Australia, compulsory education is mandatory for students between five and seven years of age. This may differ in your state, but it is typically around the age of eight or nine and lasts until the age of eighteen. In general, more than three quarters of students stay in school until they are seventeen, and the system is divided into two types of schools: government schools and private schools. Government schools have the highest proportion of enrolments, while private schools typically charge fees.

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