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HealthTap Review – Trusted and Secure

HealthTap is revolutionizing healthcare by providing consumers with easy access to quality primary care. Their doctor-trained augmented intelligence system directs users towards the help they need.

Millions of patients in the US and around the globe depend on HealthTap for reliable answers to their health queries. They receive trustworthy answers from licensed U.S. doctors via video or text chat, offering them peace of mind when seeking healthcare advice.


HealthTap has invested a great deal of effort into keeping their technology secure. The app abides by government regulations to guarantee your data is protected when texting or video chatting with a Online doctor.

Therefore, you can trust HealthTap with complete peace of mind. Its app allows you to ask a question online, receive an answer for free, or schedule an appointment in no time.

The app also enables you to share your medical records with your doctor and other providers within the HealthTap network.

HealthTap not only offers you convenient, consumer-friendly access to healthcare, but it also collaborates with its doctors in order to continuously enhance their services. This enables them to better serve current patients, attract new ones and maintain their reputations.


HealthTap is a HIPAA-compliant app that gives you direct access to licensed medical doctors via text or video chat. Certified doctors can prescribe medication and explain lab results for you.

The service provides health tips, articles and videos on various medical topics. Its symptom checker tool can assist in determining potential causes of your symptoms.

HealthTap is not meant to replace regular doctor visits, but it can be a helpful resource for patients who want an affordable and convenient way to get their healthcare questions answered.

HealthTap is a leader in virtual healthcare and collaborates with an expansive network of 71,000 U.S.-licensed physicians to deliver medical advice and information to millions around the world through its top-rated web and mobile apps. Trusted answers from these trusted doctors come from their network – giving customers peace of mind for their medical decisions.


HealthTap is revolutionizing healthcare by offering consumer-friendly access to medical care, improving both patient and doctor experiences while saving time and cutting costs. Their doctor-trained augmented intelligence system guides users toward the right care while providing instantaneous connections with doctors and their expertise.

HealthTap provides HIPAA-compliant technology that enables video chat or text with a licensed U.S. doctor for urgent care issues and to get prescriptions written by them. The service is also available for general wellness inquiries.

HealthTap also offers Concierge services at an affordable price point that provide personalized health information and checklists to promote healthy lifestyles. Each Concierge patient fills out a profile similar to what doctors fill out in waiting rooms – complete with details on medical conditions, medications and allergies.

Your concierge doctor will receive this data during virtual consultations to help them tailor their message. However, please keep in mind that this service should not replace regular doctor visits.


HealthTap provides online access to medical advice and information from licensed physicians. Additionally, its symptom checker tool helps users detect any potential issues with their health.

HealthTap also offers a subscription service called Prime that grants unlimited consultations with doctors. Plus, you can take advantage of HealthTap’s free trial before you commit to paying for its services.

HealthTap is a virtual-first, affordable urgent and primary care clinic that provides top-quality physician care nationwide to Americans with or without insurance. Its proprietary, user-friendly applications and electronic medical record apply Silicon Valley standards to effectively engage consumers and doctors online for increased equity, accessibility, and efficiency of ongoing medical care for customers.

Members can connect to Urgent Care doctors with wait times of less than one minute, as well as Primary Care doctors who can write prescriptions, order labs and schedule follow-up appointments all from within the app. Furthermore, people can ask anonymous questions to HealthTap doctors and receive a response within 24 hours.

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