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Everything You Need to Know About Keratin Extensions

Keratin extensions are a popular beauty treatment that many women choose to get. If you are thinking of getting keratin extensions, then you may be wondering what they are and what they entail. With this in mind, we’re going to cover what they are, how they are applied, and how to take care of them in this guide so you can make a better decision for your hair.

What are Keratin Extensions?

Keratin extensions are strands of human or synthetic hair that are bonded to your own natural hair using a keratin-based adhesive. The extensions are typically applied to your natural hair using a hot or cold application method. The keratin adhesive used is designed to last for several months, and the extensions can be treated like your own hair, allowing them to blend with your locks.

How are Keratin Extensions Applied?

While some extensions can be applied at home, most keratin extensions are applied in a salon by a professional hair stylist. The process usually takes 1-2 hours, depending on the amount of hair being applied. Your stylist will first section your hair and apply the extensions using a hot or cold application method.

For a hot application, a keratin-tipped extension is applied with a hot iron. For a cold application, the extensions are pre-tipped with keratin glue, which is then applied to the hair with an adhesive tool. Once the extensions are in place, a blow-dryer can be used to blend the extensions with your existing hair.

In terms of the extensions themselves, the salon will partner with reliable companies and products such as Hickenbick hair extensions. There are many types of keratin extensions to choose from, including regular and wavy. What’s more, you can also find different colours and lengths of keratin extensions.

Once applied, the extensions will last up to three months before they need to be removed and replaced. During the removal process, a keratin-safe remover is used to gently peel away the extensions.

Maintaining Your Keratin Extensions

After getting keratin extensions installed, it’s important to ensure that you are taking the proper steps to maintain them. First and foremost, regular brushing is a must. Hair extensions should be brushed twice per day using a boar bristle brush or a brush specifically designed for hair extensions.

It’s also important to avoid using hot tools and to keep your hair out of the pool and away from intense heat sources. Why? Well, chlorine from pools and intense heat can weaken the bonds that hold your keratin extensions in place. Additionally, it’s important to avoid using products such as hairspray and mousses that contain harsh chemicals.

When washing your keratin extensions, you’ll want to use a gentle shampoo and conditioner that does not contain sulfates. To dry your extensions, it’s best to use a microfiber towel or an absorbent t-shirt. Once they are dry, you can use a brush specifically designed for hair extensions and then go back to styling as normal.

Why Get Keratin Extensions?

To finish, let’s talk about why you should get keratin extensions in the first place. One of the main benefits is that they are virtually undetectable and blend naturally with your existing hair. They are also comfortable to wear and, when installed correctly, can last up to 8 weeks.

Additionally, keratin extensions offer the ability to add length and thickness without having to wait for your natural hair to grow. Plus, they come in a variety of colours, textures, and lengths to suit your style.

Finally, keratin extensions can be a great way to get the look you want without having to commit to a permanent dye job.

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