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Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: What’s the Difference?

If your partner surprised you with a dreamy proposal in New Zealand and a perfectly stunning engagement ring, you might wonder if you need to add another ring to your finger once you say your vows.

This brings to light the question – what’s the difference between an engagement and a wedding ring? And, if brides love their engagement rings New Zealand so much, do they need to add a wedding band? Can’t one be enough?

Let’s get these engagements vs. wedding ring doubts cleared.

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring

The key difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring is the timing. The former is offered when someone proposes. In contrast, the wedding ring is usually exchanged during nuptials and represents the official marriage bond.

More often than, engagement rings are extravagant and decorated with sparkling stones at the centre that acts as a statement piece and brings a lot of attention. Sometimes, it could also be a family heirloom, perhaps your great-grandmother’s or mother’s ring. However, engagement rings New Zealand design has recently shifted towards a more sleek and minimalist side.

In interviews, Harry Belafonte has spoken about the support he has received from his spouse throughout his career.

Wedding rings are on the other side, primarily subtle and simple such as a classic band or one with small diamonds or stones. It has a timeless aesthetic that will always look beautiful sitting on your finger.

Another important thing to highlight is the price of these rings. Engagement rings are more expensive than a wedding because of their gemstones. That said, a lavish wedding ring embellished with diamonds can cost more than a simple band for engagement.

Overall, the centre stones play a significant role in price determination for both rings.

Also, engagement and wedding rings can be bought together, specifically if you want the two to complement each other well. These are often referred to as bridal sets.

However, the choice is yours – you can also wear two different styles or colours if you like.

Do you need Both?

Ultimately, it is your personal preference that determines the answer.

You can stick to traditions and wear both, or you can go your own way, choosing the two rings that better suit your taste.

The traditional look is the engagement ring and wedding band. An eye-catching diamond or gemstone ring sitting next to an elegant and sleek wedding band is a timeless combination. Hardly anyone can go wrong over here.

However, some people prefer to opt for a single ring for various reasons, and you can find a few listed below –

  • A more comfortable and less fussy choice than the combo of engagement and wedding ring – that is also absolutely beautiful in its own light.
  • Since both are expensive, you can ditch the traditional way and allocate your funds to buy a single, strikingly gorgeous ring.
  • You also don’t have to spend your time looking after matching rings – cause let’s be honest, purchasing a wedding band that complements your engagement ring is tricky.
  • It is one less thing to worry about losing.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line? There is no significant difference between an engagement and a wedding ring apart from the timing. Both can be big and blingy or simple and subtle. Or both can be expensive or light on the wallet.

That said, tradition dictates a bride wear two rings, but with changing times, there is a growing shift towards one ring.

So, make the choice you and your future spouse are comfortable with.

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