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Can corrective surgery Dermatochalasia and Ptosis or not?

What is ptosis and how to correct surgery? Is it different or the same with ptosis and what type of eye is my eye?

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A : ptosis is a condition in which the skin on the upper eyelid gradually droops down to cover the eye layer, causing the eyelid to become blurry. or becoming a drooping eyelid, usually starting at age 30 and over and becoming more evident at age 40 (Eye height is less than 6 millimeters), which surgery is corrected if it is a young person. Writers often recommend to perform Scarless Technique surgery first to buy at least 5-10 years, but if you are over 40 years old, the authors suggest that upper eyelid surgery would be more suitable. (Other doctors may recommend something else based on experience.) That is to thicken the lower eyelid near the eyelashes or if the medical language calls this style Orbicularlis Muscle Love Band Hypertrophy There are many ways to do it.

The easiest way is Filler or fat injections are added to the area under the skin of the lower Khunta. Doing it a bit more difficult is to bring artificial epidermis (Aloderm) to insert into the same area, but if the writers say that this Love Band is a popular item. That is, it has just come to be popular and will deteriorate. Most Thai people don’t like it and are popular to take it out even after physical appearance. When we get older, we guarantee that Love Band will definitely come, but it will also come with baggy eyes. As for Dolly Eyes, who defines it? That Dolly Eyes means Dolly eyes) Hahaha…not really doll eyes. If you want to get doll eyes, it’s called Doll Eyes. If a foreign surgeon tells him that he wants to do Dolly Eyes, foreign writers will understand that the eyes of the big-breasted star Dolly Parton. ) Well, for experienced writers, the term “doll eyes” is often used in the case of patients with deep eye socket problems, like a doll’s eyes, to make fun of the patient a bit. Let’s just say that the Thai understanding Dolly Eyes are doll eyes, eyes are puffy like those who wear • with eye makeup. Wearing false eyelashes too, but if he wants to have surgery for Big Eye, Dolly Eyes as Thai patients understand. There is a method as follows. Haha. (Let’s say writers can’t do better than finding a good doctor. eyes will make it better) but tell his doctor. Ask for doll eyes, don’t tell Dolly Eyes again – because it’s very confusing now. Besides, if you search Google for Dolly and Eyes, you’ll know that it’s all from Thai websites.

** When is the best time for eye correction surgery? (fast or slow)

I had a double eyelid surgery, but the results weren’t satisfactory. How do you do it? A The writer must go back and ask the patient what kind of surgery they came up with because there are many types of double eyelid surgery, many methods, and each method has different solutions. If you have an incision double eyelid surgery, whether it’s an Incision or a short incision (Mini-incision), the authors recommend that you should not fix it too quickly. Because of incision surgery, the eyelids will be cut. It hurts quite a lot, the wound is long. Therefore, until it disappears or actually falls into place, it takes 1 and a half months to 3 months. So don’t be in a hurry and calm down. Because the eyelids are not yet in place, do not put pressure on the doctor. If there is an unwanted surgery and do not rush to fix it within 7-10 days, then you have to wait 6 months to fix it, most of which are just the first 7-10 days, no writer dares to fix it because it’s still swollen. live!

However, if it is a piercing surgery, whether it is a 3-point or 1-point puncture, the healing of the eyelid is relatively faster than the injury to the eyelid is less. However, the eyelid will stay in place for about a month, if it is corrected after 1 month. This is it Most of the reasons that need to be corrected with piercing surgery are just the fact that the suture is loosened. (Eyes are not layered) or do not make the eye layer is not equal, one eye is higher than the other

The last question, the writer would like to update the latest question from the Facebook page of The clinic where the writer works. A patient asked, “Writer? I have done double eyelids. If the surgeon returns the department back to the way it was, will it be possible?”

“Probably difficult. I don’t know what happened.”

“My boyfriend will break up with me…what should I do?

“After doing it for four days It’s like following him.”

After reading this question, the writer is quite sympathetic to the patient. I just had surgery for 4 days. My boyfriend will ask to quit. (I’m not sure if my girlfriend finds an excuse to quit or not….haha) Actually, during the first 3-4 days my eyelids tend to swell from Surgery is considered a period of depression. We should encourage each other more. Let’s go back to the question, after having double eyelid surgery, can it be restored to the same or not?

The writer replied: Yes, if the surgery is done by a piercing method. and must urgently fix the stitches that have been sewn to create the eye layer within 1 week, because if you wait longer than this, the stitched threads will start to create a fascia, causing a layer of the eye Therefore, ladies who want to have surgery, whether it’s rhinoplasty, eye surgery or other breast augmentation, you should agree with the people around you first because the patient is you. whether it hurts or hurts

Finally, the writer would like to leave a guess as a foreign proverb.

An empty hand is no lure for a hawk” “No one gains anything without investment.”

Surgery is the same, it takes time, it takes 4, you need to be mentally strong. And finally, there must be “luck” with patience.

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