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Black Friday Ideas for your Email Campaigns

There are things that always come back sooner than you expected. As soon as the summer heat begins to dissipate, the shops fill up with Christmas decorations as if by magic… and suddenly you find yourself thinking: “wow, it’s that time of year again…”. That’s right, it’s about time you got out your email brushes and tools to craft your Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday marketing campaigns.

We know it’s hard to be the best every time you prepare a marketing campaign, and we know how much pressure this particular event brings: consumers receive a mountain of emails every day with discounts and promotions from each and every one of the brands to which they are subscribed.

Rise up, marketers, the time has come to create the perfect campaigns for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Follow our steps and you will create a work of art.

Kick off a few weeks before Black Friday

A trick that works with all brands and marketing strategies: advance the information to your customers. Shoppers are tech-savvy and know how to prepare for the sales season to get the most out of it and get the best deals on Black Friday. In fact, according to a survey, 81% of consumers do an online search before purchasing a product. Some companies, like Amazon, even allow you to reserve items in advance.

Prepare your clients before giving the starting signal. Send them messages before Black Friday with a small teaser about what they will be able to find and give them the necessary information so that they can make their purchase decisions at least a week before. Remember to use the communication channel they prefer in each case (email, SMS, WhatsApp…) to create an even more effective omnichannel strategy. Also do not forget that the financial crisis and the increase in prices have probably changed the behavior pattern of your customers quite a bit.

Present the content of your Black Friday campaigns in an intelligent way

Don’t get us wrong: we just told you that your campaigns have to be beautiful, but you’ll also need to check that design and content go hand in hand. For example, these last few years we’ve seen a trend in the email world towards minimalism with lots of wonderful Black Friday emails that don’t say much about the sale, because…they’re just pretty.

Here are some tips to prevent the message from being diluted and overshadowed by visual elements in your campaigns.

Be careful not to be too mysterious unless you’re sure people know exactly who you are and what you offer, and be wary of sending messages that focus solely on the discount. People are going to get a lot of offers on those days and it’s essential to get their attention.

Increase your conversions with unique campaigns

To stand out on Black Friday and make sure that your contacts give you their maximum attention for the time necessary to read (and assess) your promotions, sometimes you have to launch a big order and bet on more innovative touches.

Do you want some different design ideas that will grab the attention of your readers? Play with elements like these to create an unforgettable email: gifs, accountants, videos, interactive carousels and accordions, purchases within the email

A good strategy is to create animations for your Black Friday campaigns, as animations are a great medium to transmit information fast and keep the users engaged.

Create a sense of urgency in your email marketing for Black Friday

This may sound like Marketing 1.0 to you, but it’s a psychology-based tactic that still works. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are all about limited-time deals, and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) kicks in when your customers think they may be missing out on an opportunity.

When planning your Black Friday campaigns, bet on incorporating an email marketing strategy in which emails that use text and images prevail to generate a sense of urgency. These will be the ones that allow you to improve the opening and click rates.

Focus your content on limited time and scarcity, as in these examples:

  • “TIC Tac. There’s not much left!” or “We have few units left”
  • “Discounts end tomorrow” or “There’s nothing left!”
  • “Last chance” or “While supplies last”
  • “There are only X days left” or “There are only X places left”

However, be very careful about writing Black Friday email subject lines that don’t deliver as promised. You may get high open rates, but if your subscribers feel cheated, they will end up unsubscribing or moving your email to spam.

Show your products to attract the attention of your contacts

If your customers don’t catch the deal right away, it’s double or nothing: they may be intrigued and click through to see more, or they may be annoyed when you ask them to do their own research and move on. (Yes, your customers can be lazy newmags: never underestimate that factor.)

Don’t forget to include some sample products to encourage people to use those wonderful special discounts right away.

Respect your brand image even if it’s Black Friday

Having a defined voice for emails helps you stand out and be more easily identified. This factor is even more critical in a period as noisy as Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, when all brands will be using the same wording and content with percentages off, as well as potentially similar designs.

In any case, don’t think you have to fall into the arms of black: you can also make your color palette the new black and use a few dark touches here and there.

There is no recipe for creating the perfect Black Friday campaign hertube. The main idea is to guarantee that your potential customers recognize you when they enter your website, see your post on social networks or receive an email from you, and that your campaign is chosen among the tangle of other brands on Black Friday.

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