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3 Proven Tips To Get Noticed on Etsy

Etsy is an excellent platform with over 3.68 million active sellers on it. It’s a great marketplace to sell crafts and goods and eventually become a household name in the market. But with so many active sellers, it’s getting harder and harder to get noticed on Etsy. 

How Etsy Search Tool Works

Etsy’s search tool consists of two complex phases: query matching and rankings.

Query matching is designed to find Etsy listings that match a user’s search inquiry the best.

Etsy uses information from every listing and shop to find what items shoppers would most likely purchase regarding rankings. Rankings are based on 8 key factors: 

  • Relevancy – how relevant are the product and shop information to the user’s inquiry
  • Listing quality score – how interesting is your listing.
  • Recency – how recently was the item listed. 
  • Customer and market experience score – how complete is your “About” section, and what reviews and negative comments have you received.
  • Shipping price – Etsy priorities companies that ship for free.
  • Translation and language – all the shop information should be in the language you choose from the beginning.
  • Shop location is vital in the EU, Australia, and Canada as local shops appear higher in search results.
  • Shopper’s habit – personalized search results are provided to what customers want based on their previous habits.

Now that we know how Etsy ranks shops, let’s find out how you can improve your rankings.

How To Improve Your Etsy Rankings

1. Choose a Shop Title That Describes Your Products

Your shop title is the first text the users see when you appear in search results. It should let shoppers know what you offer, and it’s a great way to optimize your Etsy SEO. Later, as you create a separate website and integrate a real estate chatbot, customers will more easily remember your shop name and resonate with it.

When choosing a title, think about something that will quickly tell what kind of product you sell. For example, if your customers search for you using your actual name, include that in your shop title. Remember that you can use a title up to 55 characters long, so choose wisely or don’t hesitate to change it if it doesn’t perform well.

2. Promote Your Shop to Gain Backlinks

Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are links to your store or product from an external site. 

There are several strategies to promote your shop:

  • Use social media – you can get many visitors if you share your links on your social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Moreover, you should also use a social media video maker to create engaging video content and attract even more people.
  • Set an affiliate software program. 
  • Connect your shop to other platforms – perform Shopify Etsy integration, or link your shop to your other media.
  • Use influencers – give free products and ask them for reviews.

3. Update Your Listings Often

As mentioned above, Etsy takes the recency of your offers very seriously. So always try to renew existing Etsy listings to give them an extra boost. In the meantime, make sure to keep your team secure by determining restrictive covenants, and other labor rights. 

This solution is not a long-term one, but it can increase your visibility in rankings and help to rank higher for better keywords. Make sure to use this tactic in periods of higher consumer activity to generate more leads.

Wrapping Up

Being well visible on Etsy is crucial. You won’t sell much without improving your Etsy SEO no matter how good your products are. Luckily, now you know where to start with the help of our tips. Keep in mind that SEO improvement is an ever-evolving process, and you need to work on it if you want great results constantly.

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