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3 Creative Small Business Packaging Ideas

Starting a small business is an exciting and fun journey for beginner entrepreneurs. Especially if you’ll working on your hobbies, improving them, and turning them into a money source, it becomes even more promising. 

When building your business, you need to consider and work on some processes, including creating a website, having social media accounts, and the last one-packaging. For local businesses such as bakeries, small beauty shops, and others, packaging can play a huge role in their marketing and branding. This guide will teach you how you can take a more creative and innovative approach to your brand’s packaging so that you can leverage it for better results. 

Three packaging ideas for a small business

If you intend to sell physical products and have started small, this is the perfect checklist for you. You can encourage people to buy more from your brand and engage with it. 

1. Use theme packaging techniques

When starting your small business, you’ve also created some brand guidelines. This includes understanding your brand colors, fonts, and the overall design for it. Consider that these guidelines need to be followed when working on packaging your products. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to stop being creative. Instead, you should focus on some theme-based packaging ideas. 

For starters, you can research any upcoming holidays so that you can redesign your packaging accordingly. For example, the Christmas packaging may include new colors or different icons in the form of the Santa Clause. Next, you can determine your promotional strategy and change your packaging according to that. This can be about monthly subscriptions, loyal customers, new product launches, etc. 

2. Consider an eco-friendly approach

Nowadays, taking over actions and processes that don’t harm the Planet are of great concern. Many businesses have understood this fact and now have implemented it in their various sustainable strategies. If you run a business and care about the Planet’s well-being, consider making your packaging design more eco-friendly. 

In turn, customers also understand the importance of taking such measures and appreciate brands who do this. So, by remembering this, it’s time to make some eco-friendly changes to your packaging. The best thing you can do is switch from your plastic packaging to recycled materials instead. While this is an innovative idea, it can improve your packaging and positively affect your brand identity. 

3. Make it look fun

Packaging shouldn’t be boring, even if you’re going for something simple. If you own a bakery, your packaging can include images of cute cupcakes that are doing simple everyday things to engage people more. Discuss what you can add to your already existing packaging with your designer and see what trends are popular in your industry. Making your products look fun in the box will attract more attention as a brand and increase sales over time. So, the next time you’re trying to change something, research and create some fun addition to the design. 


Packaging is not all about keeping your products secure or delivering them. It’s also about your brand, company voice, and the values you hold. So, when working on a new design, research deeply, discover what others are doing, and do it better.

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