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17 Easy and Quick Side Dishes For a Large Crowd

You’ll have a tough time serving fifteen people at a dinner party, but there are several foods that can be made in bulk and served to a large number of people. These recipes range from one-pan chicken dinners to big batch breakfast dishes. They include both healthy and indulgent foods. Listed below are 17 easy and quick side dishes for a large crowd. Hopefully you’ll find something delicious that serves a large number of people.

Eggs are a classic breakfast dish that can be made for a small crowd or a large one. They go great on bagel sandwiches and toast and are easy to make. You can make them into one big dish, such as a quiche. Quiche is a favorite breakfast dish, and the sweet potato crust will attract a crowd. Serve it with fresh fruit and crusty bread. Stratas, fancy casseroles, can also be made with leftover greens.

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