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Premium Grade Full Spectrum, Water Soluble products with Ten-Fold Absorption

17x better absorption

100% delivery

Instant onset

Water soluble

Quintessentially Better!

The "Q" in Q Sciences represents the word "Quintessential," meaning the best of the best, the perfect embodiment of something, including our industry-leading, scientifically researched products. Our line of full spectrum hemp products and nutritional supplements are water soluble, cruelty free, made in USA and have one of the best absorption rates. We provide premium quality products by being quintessentially better than everyone else in the industry

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil 2500mg

Packing in just over 83mg of CBD per serving, Royal CBD’s 2500mg full spectrum CBD oil has been designed for people looking for potent relief – without using half the bottle.

$289 $195

CBD Gummies 25mg

Royal CBD gummies are the most enjoyable way to take your daily dose of cannabidiol. On top of being THC-free and vegan-friendly, they pack in over twice as much CBD as the 10mg version.

$99 $67


CBD Capsules 25mg (Softgels)

Royal CBD proudly present full-spectrum CBD softgel capsules — formulated with premium hemp extract and MCT oil. Royal CBD softgels are perfect for on-the-go users who don’t want to waste their time meticulously measuring out the right dose of their CBD oil.

$99 $71

CBD Cream (Cool Relief Balm)

This concentrated CBD-infused cream is designed to provide a gentle warming sensation to sore muscles and joints. Packed with 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD – each bottle contains a host of supportive cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp plants — with zero THC.

$99 $63

CBD Roll-on Gel (Icy Menthol)

Our CBD Soothing Freeze Gel combines the cooling pain relief from menthol and aloe vera with 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD — perfect for sore or injured areas of skin and muscles. The convenient roll-on format of the gel makes it easy to apply in a pinch — and dramatically improves the absorption rate of the formula.

$79 $50


CBD Honey Sticks

Some things seem too good to be true, and admittedly, that’s the case in many instances — but not when it comes to CBD Honey Sticks. CBD honey sticks are the best definition of a guilt-free treat. Not only do they contain a convenient dose of 10 mg per stick, but they also provide the much-needed energy during the day thanks to the carbs from the natural sweetener and terpenes.

$119 $71


Q SPORT is a well-balanced blend of natural sources of caffeine, chia seed oil, amino acids, and supportive nutrients that fuel all-day healthy energy to your brain and throughout your body for better mental and physical performance.

$80 $60


Provides a natural solution to help you quickly fall asleep and stay asleep so you can wake up refreshed. Q SLEEP contains all-natural ingredients, including melatonin, 5-HTP, and L-theanine.

$35 $22.50


A delicious and powerful punch of ultra-pure, fast-absorbing whey protein to support muscle growth and recovery from exercise.* Q ULTRA LEAN is the ultimate product for becoming and staying Q FIT!

$80 $60

Full Spectrum Hemp


A brand new hemp experience designed to reconnect you with your best self, and empower those who are unafraid to be themselves. BIOSYNQ™️ is next-gen delivery technology that maximizes the benefits of hemp.*


QSciences' nutritional supplements address an array of nutritional concerns and fit conveniently into every lifestyle. Soon to become your favorite health-hacks! Our products supports whole-body health at a cellular level, support cognitive function and brain health, Increases energy production, boost immune system and much more.

Meal Replacements

Delicious and powerful punch of ultra-pure, fast-absorbing whey protein to support muscle growth and recovery from exercise. Leverage as a meal replacement to becoming and staying Q FIT


Products scientifically designed to burn fat, curb appetite, and block carbs, while simultaneously providing natural, clean energy. Array of products essential for a healthy weight management program.


Breathe fire into your physical performance and sharpen your mind with Q SPORT products. Increases nitric oxide for enhanced blood flow, reduces muscle soreness after a workout. use Q Focus for time-released, long-lasting mental energy throughout the day and when you need it most.
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The Q Sciences Promise

At Q Sciences, our main priority is the quality of our products. We’re tired of seeing low-quality Hemp oil being passed off as effective because we know it isn’t. We refuse to settle into the mediocrity of the Hemp industry at large and spend the time and effort needed to make products that are actually worth buying.

How We Do It

Making full spectrum hemp requires meticulous attention to detail. We focus on sourcing nothing but the best hemp we can find, hire skilled staff to run the extractions, and test everything.

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